Progress Check

Slow and steady.

I’m making my word count goals by working on multiple projects at once. As soon as I get stuck on one thing, I flip to something else and write that instead. Short attention span life hack – using one project to procrastinate on another.

I’m trying really hard to stay in writer mindset and avoid self-editing while I work, but it is so, so hard. I’m not going back and rereading, but that doesn’t stop my brain from questioning every word before it even comes out.

I finished writing episode 12 and made a little progress on episode 13. Then I went and did some free writing on my NaNo project to try and figure out where it wants to go.

I think I’ve settled on a Big Question, but I’m still undecided about which plot and characters I want to use to explore it. I may end up just following the headlights again and hoping for the best.

I started a reverse outline for book 1, and I’m getting closer to knowing what I want it to look like.

I went back and looked at my curriculum plan and goal deadlines, and I seem to still be on track.

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