Weekly Goals

-Publish episode 9
-Advertise episode 9
-Finish episode 13
-Start episode 14
-Review notes for Cate 2
-Finish the reverse outline for Cate 1
-Continue Reading to Learn curriculum

Today I’ve mostly been working on my Etsy shop and DIY Decor blog, so I have some catching up to do for the writing. I did attend the FB Live session for Mary Adkins’s 10,000 word challenge (and I’ve been able to keep up with her schedule for getting words on the page… even though I haven’t broken down tried it on an actual page as she suggests. I did get a lot done over the weekend on my phone).

I published ep 9 of The Devil in the Details and spent some of the FB Live posting about it in Vella groups in another window. Ep 13 is at around 1700 words, so I only have 300ish to go… possibly I should revise my goal already.

Nah. This way I have an opportunity to Exceed Expectations. Even if they are only my expectations and not going on my Permanent Record 🙂

Ep 13 is setting up the backstory for Jinx’s fairy tale origins. Natalia and Leo are going to be dealing with the fallout for the next five episodes, but they’re going to get some help from Audrey in ep 14, when they learn her secret…

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