Progress Check

This week’s goals:

✅publish episode 9
✅advertise episode 9
✅finish episode 13
✅start episode 14
✅review notes for Cate 2
☑️finish the reverse outline for Cate 1
✅continue Reading to Learn curriculum

So, I did pretty well this week, even though there was a lot going on, and I didn’t get as much butt-in-chair time as I would have liked.

I still need to figure out the ending in Cate 1, but I had some aha! moments in my planning for Cate 2, and that was more of a priority anyway, since I want to draft it for NaNoWriMo.

I got a bonus for September on Vella, which was not enough to pay for any of my publishing costs (that’s the goal of this whole Vella experiment), but I’m getting paid to write, and I have data that I can use to plan for the next one.

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