Weekly Goals

This week’s goals are somewhat contradictory…

I want to spent less time on social media, but I also want to do more marketing for my vella.

Eventually, I want the vella to pay for editing and covers for the novel, so I need to get people reading it… but every time I open a screen I fall down a rabbit hole and read a bunch of other people’s posts instead. (And I can pretend that it’s research, and I’m learning from seeing what other people are doing, but the fact is that I get sucked into scrolling and surface when I get hungry.)

I think I’m going to try the Pomodoro technique and set a timer. How much self-promotion do you think I can accomplish in 25min?

I definitely need to go back to writing in sprints. My published episodes are starting to catch up with my drafted ones.

This week:
-Publish episode 10 (done!)
-Promote episode 10 (done!)
-Revise episode 13
-Finish writing episode 14
-Plan episode 15
-Finish the reverse outline for Cate 1
-Plot point chart for Cate 2
-Continue with the Reading to Learn curriculum

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