Tarot Tuesday

This week I’m trying a different spread. It has a lot more cards than I’m used to, but here goes…

  1. What makes you unique? The High Priestess.
    • So… she’s a teacher. She possesses a combination of intuitive spirituality and a thirst for knowledge.
  2. How to unlock magical powers: Two of Cups
    • Partnership, connection, positive relationships
  3. How to unlock creativity: Ace of Cups
    • This is literally the card of creativity. It also connects with the High Priestess as a card that emphasizes the subconscious and spiritual realms, and all the cups are about compassion, love, and emotions.
  4. How to unlock compassion: Strength
    • Unlock compassion through force of will! But really, compassion is one of the keywords on the card. Having an inner calm and fortitude allows you to make room for others.
  5. How to unlock prosperity: Six of Wands
    • Keywords include success, self-confidence, and progress. It’s another self-defining card.
  6. How to unlock peace of mind: King of Wands
    • Kings are symbols of leadership, big picture ideas. They are energetic, confident visionaries. So, I guess the cards are saying you can unlock peace of mind through self-confidence.
  7. When are you the happiest? King of Swords
    • He’s an intellectual leader. Disciplined, organized, logical. It’s interesting that so much of this reading is right-brain focused (creativity and dreaming), but I’m going to be happiest if I put my left-brained side in charge. Possibly this goes back to the duality of the High Priestess. She sits at the entrance to the subconscious, but she’s got a foot on each side.
  8. Your hidden potentials: Five of Pentacles.
    • I don’t know how I am always getting this card in a positive position. Traditionally, it’s a card of loss, isolation, a lack mindset, and other hardships. Maybe I thrive in adversity.

Then, for something a little more usual… my weekly divination spread is from A Witch Alone. (I’m using the one on the second slide)

I swear I shuffled this. See above for keywords.
  1. This week’s lesson: The High Priestess
  2. This week’s obstacle: Ace of Cups
  3. This week’s opportunity: King of Wands
  4. Something in the Shadows: Six of Wands
  5. Something to look out for: Five of Pentacles

Strength was a jumper.

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