Tarot Tuesday

Happy NaNo to all who celebrate!

This week I pulled a divination spread from @awitchalone.

Y’all, it’s going to be an emotional kind of week. It’s all cups and wands.

On the one hand, there is a balance here, with both masculine (wands) and feminine (cups) energies represented. They are both warm suits, associated with summer.

But they are literally fire and water. So. Let the chaos begin.

My priority for the week is the Four of Cups. Fours are about stability, foundations and planning. So, maybe this priority relates to starting my new WIP, and NaNo in general. The image shows a guy who is very much staying in place, rejecting an offer. Since the cups are associated with water and fluidity, this may be a warning not to miss new opportunities due to an internal focus. Don’t get so wrapped up in the work, or in self-contemplation, that you don’t see what’s going on around you.

My mental state is practically a mirror image – in the Six if Cups, a child seems to be accepting a gift. Sixes usually are about improvement, harmony, and support. So, my brain is in a place where it’s ready to play.

The way to overcome obstacles is the Three of Cups. Threes are associated with creativity and collaboration.

So all three of these are telling me to make connections, accept encouragement, and enjoy the journey.

How to nourish my body – the Three of Wands. This is suit of energy, restlessness, and strength, so it’s a good match for this placement in the spread. The card is about making progress and being adventurous. Maybe trying new things and looking to the future.

To nourish my spirit, the cards suggest the King of Wands. He’s a master or mentor, leading with a vision, knowing what is possible and working towards concrete goals.

Finally, to use the week to my full advantage, I have the Queen of Wands. She’s confident, independent. A mature artist who is not only creative, but has the drive to create. You could do worse for a guide through NaNoWriMo.

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