Progress Check

Sooooo… once again, did not make my NaNoWriMo word count.

What I did do:
-received and acted on feedback for the nonfic article I wrote last week.
-finished writing episode 15 of The Devil in the Details
-wrote about 3/4 of episode 16 (probably will finish tonight), which gets me back on track to where I want to be, bubble-wise, for publishing on Vella
-made a plan for two newsletter reader magnets that branch off from Devil.
-added words to Cate 2
-updated the look of my author website
-listened to a bunch of podcasts, audiobooks, and craft interviews

In non-writer news, I also attended school conferences for both of my kids (who had two days off this week), got us all boosted, and found a new doggy daycare with boarding openings over Thanksgiving, all while hosting some very nice hvac guys who have excellent taste in work music (at least as far as I can hear over the noise they make actually doing the job they are here to do).

Keep moving forward.

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