Tarot Tuesday

In honor of my birthday tomorrow, this week I pulled a cake-shaped spread via @magicmaterial

  1. What you’re here to do: 8 of Pentacles
    skill, talent, mastery
    I’m here to learn. To practice and get better at things. To keep going and work hard.
  2. Your greatest gift: Queen of Pentacles
    nurturing, practical, down-to-earth
    I’m all about balance and support.
  3. How you can find joy: Knight of Pentacles
    reliable, efficient, committed
    I need structure to feel successful and at peace.
  4. Your intention for this year: 4 of Pentacles
    saving money and security, but also scarcity and imposter syndrome
    I definitely have business goals for this year, and they would all be easier to achieve if I overcome my insecurities.
  5. Factors supporting you: Page of Cups
    creative opportunities, curiosity, intuitive inspiration
    I have so many ideas…
  6. Factors to watch out for: 7 of Pentacles
    long-term, perseverance, patience
    But I want it now! (#VerucaSalt)
  7. The main lesson: 2 of Cups
    love, partnership, connection
    I can’t do it alone. Luckily, I don’t have to. 😉

I feel like this reading is pretty on point for where I am right now. I’m not super excited to be reminded that the things I want take time and effort, but #allgoodthings and #patienceisavirtue and all that.

Looking forward to long-term abundance and the joy of hard work. Let’s get it done.

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