Writing Goals

Sometimes everything is hard, and I hate it all, and I just want to quit and do… anything else.

But not today! Today I have already written almost 500 new words on Cate 2, even though none of it was in the plan for today.

Today I remembered to finally open all the email I got while I was on vacation, and found my copy of Indie Author Magazine, in which an article I wrote takes up three pages. (It starts on page 54 if you have a subscription. Right between an article in which a “multi-time bestseller recounts her road to the top” and one in which a romance author explains different levels of steam.)

Today I am filled with probably misguided optimism that I will eventually meet all of my goals. So, I’m not going to make any new ones. I’m going to follow the advice of a little blue fish: #justkeepswimming

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