Tarot Tuesday

Vibes of the Week spread via @NorthernLightsTarot

Vibes: Page of Cups
Creative opportunity, pleasant surprise, inspiration and possibilities
I can vibe with this. Yeah, so I already got a nice email today with a new writing assignment for Indie Author Magazine. That’s a pretty good opportunity for me to keep stretching creatively. I would love to have a regular place in a formal publication like this.

I haven’t written a lot for either my Vella or my novel lately, but what I have written has been fun. I’m trying to let go of expectations for what my writing can do for me, and get back just to just enjoying the process.

Hidden Opportunity: Nine of Swords
Anxiety, fear, nightmares
So this card is hard to see as an opportunity, since it’s pointing out feelings of negativity and being overwhelmed (and who isn’t at this time of year?). But the reality is that the cards in the swords suit are all connected to the mind and logic. So the things that we’re fearing are mostly in our heads. The opportunity is to recognize that, and stop making things worse than they actually are. Especially since the Page of Cups says good things are coming.

Keep Your Eye On: King of Cups
Emotionally balanced, wise
The King of Cups has mastered his emotions, so he’s one to follow if you really want to see the Nine of Swords as an opportunity. Setting boundaries, keeping a level head, balancing the mind and heart… this is the way to go into the end of the year with less stress.

Act On: Emperor
Authority, structure
This card promises that goals are achievable if you approach them methodically. Recognize your expertise, take on a leadership role. This is me saying “yes” to writing nonfiction and getting back to my schedule, checking things off my to do list.

Enjoy: Five of Wands
Conflict, change, competition
This deck loves to give me this card in the celebration position. Embrace change! Love challenge! Maybe add more conflict into those WIP so they characters have something to do! Seriously though, there’s no change without the struggle, so if you want to conquer those fears, it’s time to fight.

Jumper: Seven of Swords
Lies, betrayal, tricks
This one isn’t part of the formal spread, but when a card jumps out in the shuffle, I like to give it a second look. This card is tricky, but it’s also strategic. The figure takes what he needs, and leaves the rest behind.

It’s also an image of a person escaping, but the swords he left behind may come back to get him later. So, it could be a warning against procrastination, and a reminder that the Five of Wands situation is coming, and it’s better to face conflicts directly.

In general, this week is bringing good things, but they come with challenges that can’t be ignored. Maintaining a calm mind and a logical strategy will help me to achieve my goals.

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