Progress Check

I love it when hard work and luck coincide. This week’s progress is a little of both.

I finally saw my first nonfic published.
I was assigned a second nonfic for the same publication.

I finished the first ten page of Cate 2’s roughest of rough drafts.
I decided to give up completely on my goal of finishing that draft by January. It’s not going to happen on that timeline. It’s going to happen soon, just not on that arbitrary deadline.

I’m not going to wait for Cate 2 to be finished before I revise Cate 1 again. I have Ideas. Again. So, I’m going to work on the Thing That Wants My Attention.

The Other Thing That Wants My Attention, of course, is my vella, since the Powers That Be have inexplicably chosen it for a Featured position for the next two weeks.
Kind of wish I had revised episodes 2 and 4 before I got this attention, but there must be something there that someone liked.

Seems like actual, measurable progress this week, in spite of the whole “no new goals” thing I put in place on Monday.

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