Tarot Tuesday

Today’s spread via awitcheshouse , (formerly awitchalone)

The lesson is the Queen of Pentacles, that working mother card, balancing care and practicality. A reminder to be generous and nurturing, while also getting shit done.

The obstacle is the Knight of Pentacles, who focuses on the hard work of the daily grind, maybe making it hard for the Queen to practice care. He’s all about efficiency and responsibility.

Which is why there’s an Opportunity in the the appearance of the Fool. This card is full of potential, the carefree innocence of your inner child. What a great counterbalance to the stoic Knight.

The 10 of Pentacles is in the Shadows, that sense of security and permanence that the Queen and the Knight are working towards. It’s a long term view, but we’re making progress.

And in the end, Look Out for the Lovers, because it’s our relationships that make all the work worthwhile. Find harmony and make good choices.

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