Tarot Tuesday

A winter solstice spread via @thetarotdiagnosis

1) A Shadow to Illuminate: Nine of Cups
Keywords are contentment, gratitude and success

Be grateful for everything you have, and everything you’ve accomplished. #celebrateeverything

2) A lesson this shadow is trying to teach me: Queen of Pentacles
Keywords are nurturing, practical, generous

You didn’t get here by luck. Take the credit. Continue to take a practical approach, and bring others up with you.

3) How this lesson will impact me: The Chariot
Keywords are control, willpower, focus

Success takes work. Make it happen.

4) My resistance to embracing this lesson: Five of Wands
Keywords are conflict, competition, tension

Avoid comparisons. You’re the only one on your journey. When you cross someone else’s path, you only see part to their road. Stick to yours.

(Also, conflict is necessary for adventure and change, so maybe stop leaving it out of the story.)

5) How this will help me grow: The Star
Keywords are hope, faith, inspiration

This one is self-explanatory, right? It’s a star. 🎄✨

Be the light.

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