Progress Check

So… yeah…

Things I Did This Week:
-Redesigned my planner… again
-Set unreasonable writing and publishing goals for next year
-Took notes on three new Vellas that I did not schedule any time to write.
-Looked at numbers that made me strangely happy
-Looked at numbers that made me a little disappointed
-Rewrote another chapter of Cate 1
-Considered rereleasing Cate 1 on Vella
-Rejected the idea of rereleasing Cate 1 in Vella, but set it up anyway.
-Listened to podcasts about subscriptions, Patreon, line editing, ProWritingAid, and waiting for perfect

Things I Did Not Do This Week:
-Actually write much of anything new


I mean, I did say on Monday that the writing was likely to only happen in the in-between times. So.
✅ I guess?

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