Writing Goals

This weeks’ goal is to rebuild my buffer of Vella episodes. My last completed, pre-scheduled episode went live today (Yay!), but that means I’m back in a position I haven’t been in since the first draft of Cate, where I don’t have an ep finished for next week.

I have about 3/4 of episode 20 written, and about 1/2 of episode 21. So, hopefully I can at least get those two finished by Friday. Ideally, I want to get episode 22 drafted this week too.

Next week I’m going into what is (again, hopefully) my last major revision of Cate 1. I’m planning to shift the tense from present to past, clean up the middle, and probably rewrite the ending completely this time.

That means I need to revise three chapters a day for a couple of weeks. Which doesn’t leave a whole lot of space for finishing the last three Devil episodes. Good thing I have a plan…

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