Tarot Tuesday

I tried a bunch of pretty/complicated New Year spreads today, and I’ll share some of them later this week. But they’re going to require some rumination, so here’s a quick 3 card spread.

I shuffled, asked for a review on my past, present, and future with the WIP. Cut the deck twice, and pulled the top card from each stack.

Past: 7 of Pentacles
Lots of hard work, investment in the future, progress and perseverance

Present: 7 of Wands
Perseverance again, facing challenges, defense

Future: The Lovers
Love, communication, choices, balance

Sevens in general tend to be about patience, faith, and progress. Have the strength to face challenges and make hard choices.

So, I guess I should be grateful to have had all that preparation for whatever big decision is coming.

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