Tarot Tuesday

I had a super productive morning, finishing 15 pages of edits AFTER the 20 pages I had planned to do today.

It was awesome.

So, of course, I asked the cards if this was sustainable.

The Ace of Cups jumped out. This is a card for compassion and creativity. Cups, in general, are Yes cards. What ever you’re asking about comes naturally, but might take time. Aces represent new energy and potential. So, I want to take this as a good sign that I might be able to carry this excitement through the revision process. #fingerscrossed

Obviously I couldn’t just leave it at that, so I pulled a three card spread for clarification/verification.

At first glance, this spread is a little scary. The Tower is a sign of destruction, and the six of swords is about releasing baggage, rites of passage, and transitions.

But here’s why tarot readings are so personal. I used this deck when I wrote the first draft, over a year ago. In the last couple of chapters I worked on today, Cate pulled the Magician and the Tower. The Magician helped her gain the confidence to face something she was afraid of, and the Tower helped her recognize the truth of her situation.

The six of swords has such a strong connection to the themes of this book that I used it in my first cover design. The six of swords card in my Anima Mundi deck specifically, was central to my visualization of the mood for this book.

I could not have pulled a spread that was more connected to what I did today, and what I hope to do this month.

I have all the tools I need to break the story down and build it back up. Some of the changes will be massive, but ultimately they will prepare me to take the next step.

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