Progress Check

How’d your first week go?

I revised 100 pages of my debut novel, Cate the Cursed (and didn’t even really get to the scary part yet), finished the draft for episode 22 of my Kindle Vella: The Devil in the Details (episode 21 is scheduled to go live on Monday), and made home made beef stock from the Christmas leftovers.

Ok, that last one wasn’t a writing goal this week, but it was a two-day enterprise that I’d never undertaken before, so I want the credit, thank you.

I think the new planner and the new plan are working for me. I didn’t check off All the Things, but the new planner is kind of purposefully set up on a shoot-for-the-moon-land-among-the-stars mentality, and I have to say my house is significantly cleaner than it would have been if I hadn’t made the new planner. I’m also much closer to the ever-popular drink-more-water resolution everybody makes.

Just keep swimming…

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