Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday

I asked the cards how I could best make use of my Clifton Strengths, now that I’ve identified them. Specifically, how could my strengths help keep me on track with my WIP.

I may have been asking too much.

The six of pentacles is about wealth, charity, giving and receiving. You have have everything you need and can give back.

The five of pentacles represents hardship, worry, stress, or a lack mindset.

So. Thanks cards. The news is either very good or very bad.

The third card I pulled was the King of Wands. A visionary leader. You are the determining factor in the outcome of your question.

The cards think they’re funny today.

A possible interpretation is that I should be grateful for everything I have, and the knowledge I have gained, and I should not be afraid of falling behind because I’m the one who made the deadlines, I’m the one putting in the work, and I will be responsible for my own success.

I’ve got this. So you do you. Let’s make it happen.

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