Progress Check

We are still making progress!

This week’s goal was to meet or exceed last week, and I’m pretty much there. Even with working outside the house on Monday, and having kind of a writing bust on Tuesday, I am somehow mostly on track with the calendar I planned out in December.

I’m going to have to really push to get the Vella where it needs to be, but my Cate revisions are going well. I’ve already sketched out two new scenes that will be written… sometime next week probably… to fill in some gaps in the story.

Next week is going to be rough because I’m getting to the final act, the part I’ve revised the fewest times (and honestly don’t 100% remember what happens…), and which betas told me needed the most work.

Luckily I planned for fewer chapters per day so I can I try and work out how to fix it.

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