Writing Goals

This week I need to step away from revising, even though I only have ten chapters left.

Because I have ten chapters left, I need to make sure that everything that comes before leads into the final act. I’m going to need to push the stakes and conflict in the final act to give the reader a more satisfying ending, but to do that, I need to fill in some blanks.

So, this week I need to write two brand new scenes. One that does a bit of ignored world-building, and one that gives a side character some necessary growth before the conclusion.

It’s definitely a brain-shift from the line editing I’ve been doing, but I don’t think I can revise the rest of the book without knowing what happens in these two chapters.

I’m kind of a “plantser,” so I knew some of where I was going when I started writing, but it was mostly driving by the headlights, and there were things I missed by the side of the road. Gonna go pick up some hitchhikers now. Wish me luck 🙂

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