Tarot… Wednesday?

Decided to go ahead and try a Twitter pitch party today… asked the cards what to expect.

5 of cups warns of loss and disappointment.

6 of wands offers public recognition, self confidence and success.

7 of cups represents opportunities, choices, and maybe wishful thinking.

So, probably I should manage my expectations 😉

This is my first attempt at really trying to get any attention for Cate the Cursed, so I knew it would be next to impossible to get it in front of the right eyes.

But I’ve been checking in on my scheduled posts, and I’m finding more and more amazing writers whose work sounds fun and exciting. I’m starting to feel like I might be ready to get my introverted self out there and become a more active part of that community.

So, I’m taking this new moon energy and running with it. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking, and having options is always good!

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