Progress Check

While I can’t say the revision is 100% complete, as I’d hoped on Monday, I did completely rewrite the climax and revise most of the resolution.

I need about 400 words to connect the two, and then I’ll need to rewrite the last three or so pages to tie things up, but I feel good about where I’m leaving it for next week’s final read through.

This month was such a major revision that I feel like it’s almost a whole new book! I’m very excited to share it again, and will probably do another round of betas.

I did participate in the Twitter pitch party on Weds and made some good writer contacts, although the agent side seemed underrepresented. It was a good first step in making my book public.

It was also very nerve wracking, so I’m glad I don’t have another one planned until the mood pitch in April. Very excited to look at all the pretty boards, and equally terrified to see if anyone likes mine 😬😁

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