Tarot Tuesday

Just a quick three-card spread between chores today.

Four of Pentacles – This card shows a character who is saving her wealth, and it might be good, financial stability and solid investments, or it might be possessive behavior, or excessive caution.

The Chariot – This card is in the major arcana, so it usually has a stronger meaning. It’s about having the control and drive for success. Motivation and determination are aligned with your goals. It can also suggest you are acting defensively because of a vulnerability. So, this card would support either of the reading for the four of pentacles.

Strength – This card is a lot like the chariot. It’s the next one in the deck. You can endure life’s obstacles. It’s an inner strength, allowing you master fears and anxieties, having patience to achieve your goals

With the other two cards, I feel like this is counseling perseverance and strength, maybe letting go of fears or other things that might be holding you back, and having the courage to keep moving forward with determination.

And the King of Pentacles jumped out at the beginning of the shuffle. I left the card face down until I drew the three card spread so it wouldn’t influence the rest of them, but I’m going to read it as a clarifier.

The King is the master of his domain, and pentacles are coins, so… This card indicates that success is coming. It’s the end of a sequence, so it represents the fulfillment of a project, or the achievement of a goal. The king is mature and stable, and he is realistic in the way her approaches challenges. Sometimes this card represents an actual person, a mentor who can help guide you. Other times it encourages you to be your own advocate and trust your own decisions.

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