Writing Goals

I’m late posting my goals today because I spent most of it catching up on the goals I didn’t finish last week.

But I’m done now. Yay!

✅ Draft #6 of Cate the Cursed
✅ Complete 25 episodes of The Devil in the Details

February Goals:
☑️ Query Cate the Cursed
☑️ Draft a reader magnet
☑️ Start drafting Cate 2

Stretch Goals:
☑️ Start another Vella
☑️ Catch up on nonfic reading

This week I need to write a new article for Indie Author Magazine, and flesh out the outline for Cate 2. Since I’m not planning to Vella-ize this one, I’m not going be concerned about writing it in order. I want to try and make better use of Scrivener this time, since I have it from the beginning.

(With Cate 1, I’d already written a few drafts before I got Scrivener, so I just uploaded it and worked from there. There are tons of features I haven’t scratched the surface of yet).

All this is to say it’s going to be a research and note-taking heavy week. Which is great, because last week was kind of social-heavy, and I’m still getting my energy back.

That said, finishing a Vella is super exciting, and getting a 5 star review on it is amazing. I’m going to be riding that high for a few days.

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