Tarot Tuesday

This week’s spread is three cards. I asked a question about my progress toward publishing (and that’s all you need to know right now).

The first card was the Fool. So. There’s that. LOL

But really, he’s just a newbie, starting out on a journey, excited, and maybe not as cautious as he could be. There’s innocence there, and excitement, but not without risk.

The second card was Temperance, another major arcana. These cards often indicate Big Life Changes, or things that the universe really wants you to pay attention to. This one reminds you stay calm in the face of stress, practice patience, and find balance. So, maybe watch out for that cliff the Fool is standing on.

The last card was the King of Swords. He’s an intellectual leader, who embraces logic and objectivity. Together with the previous two cards, he seems to be reminding us not to let our emotions (even positive emotions like excitement) cloud our decisions.

That said, both Temperance and the King express a level of confidence, and a position of power – mastery, self-discipline, and a clear vision for the future.

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