Writing Goals

How is February over already? I feel like I looked at my goals for the month, and then it was over.

So, yeah, what I’m saying here is that I completed exactly none of the goals that were set for this month, and even if this week brings an unexpected burst of productivity, I’m not going to get back on track by the end of it.

Luckily, all deadlines are currently self-inflicted. And everyday is a chance to start over.

So, I sat down with the awesome planner I created in December, and revised my plans for March. January went so well, I don’t actually have to change as much as I thought I might. There are some things that I’m ahead on, and others that I’m behind. But mostly, mostly, mostly, I’m still right about where I want to be.

Which means this week I need to try and recreate some of that flow energy I randomly found last Friday. Bring on the sprints.

-Two-three sprints per day on Cate 2
-One sprint per day on the reader magnet
-Draft and submit my nonfic

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