Progress Check

This week I wrote 5,173 words, of which around 1200 will be published in Indie Author Magazine next month.

My article for this month: “Back to Basics: How Writers Can Make the Most of Google Docs and Microsoft Word” is live today.

Most of the rest of the words are filling out act 1 of Cate 2, although I did do a page on the reader magnet. Kind of stuck at the character intro until I figure out what they want to do.

I took some more notes for my adult urban fantasy spinoff from Cate Corey’s Unmagical Life. It’s about hunters, and should play well for fans of Supernatural (especially those who were disappointed that the CW chose Legacies over Wayward Sisters). But it doesn’t have a plot yet, so…

I also rewatched two hours of Veronica Mars and discovered the YouTube sensation that is Bailey Sarian. It’s all research, I swear.

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