Tarot Tuesday

The Fool- new beginnings, opportunity, freedom, adventure

Nothing but potential in front of me. Take chances and embrace a sense of wonder

Nine of Swords- anxiety, fear, isolation, nightmares

Beware of self-fulfilling prophecies and repeating past mistakes, the mind turning in itself. Focus on the things you can control. Ask for help.

Seven of Wands- challenge, competition, self-defense, protection

Challenges to success can be overcome. Hold your ground.

Ok, so check it out. That’s the same girl in the last two cards. She’s worried about this fool going off on his own, but she’s holding down the fort. She’s standing on a cliff of her own, and she’s keeping their enemies from following. She’s got his back.

So, if you’re excited about a new opportunity, but holding yourself back out to fear, it’s time to dig out your self-confidence and fight for your dreams (maybe also be prepared for that threat to return).

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