Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday

Vibes of the Week via @northernlightstarot

Vibes of the Week: The Hanged Man
letting go, working on getting a new perspective

I mean… it’s Spring Break, so. We’re literally taking a pause right now 😉

Hidden Opportunity: Four of Wands
Appreciation, homecoming

Spring Break! Staycation time!

Keep your eye on: Two of Wands
progress, planning

This whole getting up early and getting in the writing first is really helping with my progress. I did over 1400 words in under 2 hours today. Up from around 950 in 2hrs yesterday. Two doesn’t make a trend, but… #progressisprogress

Act on now: Seven of Cups
opportunities, choices

I am running towards the things that scare me, y’all. Trying not to get too caught up in all the things that could be, and take action on the things that could be now.

Make sure to enjoy: King of Wands
leadership, direction, vision

Definitely the tour director this week. Trying to keep us on schedule, when there is no schedule…

Embracing that positive mindset. The sun is up, the sky is blue, flowers are growing, and we can too!

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