Reading Assignments

Getting back on track with my self-assigned required reading.

Turns out, if I get in 1000words in the morning, I don’t feel obligated to sit and stare at a blank screen all day. And then it’s easier to put down my phone, settle into the big comfy chair with my paperbacks and a pen.

So, I read December to April in #aspellinthewild and caught up to Part 3 of #thedabblersguidetowitchcraft.

It was interesting to see a correlation between Tarbuck’s March chapter and the Rise of the Political Witch in the Dabbler’s Guide. Also March being the month selected to talk about activism may have made me giggle a little.

The other unexpected crossover is with Beth Revis’s novel, #museumofmagic, which includes a a fair amount of historical research mixed in with the fictional adventure.

I’ve had a few names and stories turn up in all three over the past few days. Has me wondering if I’m experiencing dejà vu , or if I really did just already see that name somewhere else. Love the mixing of history, mystery, philosophy, and magic. Love, love that so much of it transferable outside of witchcraft. Really makes Cate’s world seem closer. Magic is going mainstream.

So, that’s it for now. Filling the well, making connections, taking notes. I’ve missed this, and it feels good to get back to learning.

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