Tarot Tuesday

Where should my focus be this week?

The Hermit
introspection, reflection, solitude

Still working from home. Lol

Page of Pentacles
manifestation, opportunity, skill development

Not really starting any new new projects, but I am getting back into the learner mindset and trying to master a few new skills.

Ten of Pentacles
security, family, privilege

Pulled the family card right before I had to go pick up the kids from school, so….

These two might not really be part of the reading, but they got flipped around in the shuffle and came out face up when everything else was still face down, so it’s worth a look.

The Devil
attachment, addiction, restriction

King of Cups
emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic

So… watch out for negative influences, and the draw of instant gratification. Assess the situation logically, avoid letting emotions rule, but trust your intuition.

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