Progress Check

Last week I used the wrong image for this post, if that tells you anything about how things have been going 🙃

This week I:
✅ Wrote a new article for Indie Author Magazine
✅ Watched some videos from last year’s 20 Books to 50K conference
✅ Wondered if I could justify going this year (spoiler: I can’t. lol)

Aaaaaand that’s about it. I’m looking at my notes from Weds. and I legit cannot remember what I did that day. But I wasn’t putting words on a page.

Yesterday I planted 6 azalea bushes to replace the ones that died last summer.

And I finished listening to Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys while I did it. As so many people predicted, I loved it. Even though I sincerely question their choice of reader for the audio book (don’t get me wrong, I loved him in Falling Skies, but it’s just not the voice I expected for a book narrated by teenagers… especially considering the dominant POV is a girl). Gonna have to go buy the paperback now… and the next one because it’s been a while since I read a series were each book doesn’t mostly stand alone. I need closure!

Also, I think if this book hadn’t come out in 2012, it would have been a decent comp for Cate. It’s connected to the Dreamer Trilogy, and that didn’t end until last October, so it maybe kind of counts? IDK, what do you think?

Any recs for books that would comp The Raven Boys that came out in the last 5 years? What is my TBR missing?

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