Writing Goals

Have written 326 words today.

Got a little distracted exploring Scribophile, which looks like it’s going to be really useful for critiques.

Then I watched a Scrivener webinar that turned out not to actually be about Scrivener, so much as it was sharing a very specific template for Worldbuilding :/

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great template, but I thought I was going to learn more about how to make better use of the app. I can use a template in any word processor.



Writing all the things.

I’m having trouble finding my flow on the Cate sequel, so I’m going to try flipping through multiple WIPs and doing a bunch of flash writing until something catches.

Trying to remind myself that this is a choice I made, and it’s supposed to be fun.

So far, today’s fun is revising Sixes, my Williamsburg haunting Vella. Gonna try and relaunch it in a couple of weeks.

But you know, no promises. Because I’m also putting words into my hunter story (new series debut/backstory for act 2 conflict in Cate 2) and thinking about my dark academia vella (currently only a blurb and beat sheet).

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