Tarot Spread for St. Mark’s Eve

The visions that Blue sees at the church on St. Mark’s Eve drive her actions through the rest of The Raven Cycle. Proving it’s novel introduction true, I had never heard of the holiday, or it’s traditions before The Raven Boys.

Here’s an explanation from the Stiefvaterland Discord:

More about St. Mark’s Eve.

So, in honor of St. Mark’s Eve, even though I won’t be sitting in a churchyard tonight, today I pulled a spread from #stiefvaterland.

First, I pulled a spread from my Anima Mundi deck, by Megan Wyreweden, because it’s pretty. Then I pulled the spread from The Raven’s Prophecy deck, by Maggie Stiefvater, because obviously.

  1. Why do I need to walk a new path?
    • High Priestess
      • accessing the unconscious, potential, intuition
    • Five of Cups
      • loss, grief, solitude
  2. What lessons from the old path can I take with me?
    • Two of Wands
      • Discovery, moving forward, travel, planning
    • The Chariot
      • Balance, duality, self-control
  3. What can I bring along to enhance my journey?
    • Queen of Swords
      • Independence, Intelligence, perceptive
    • Justice
      • Absolutes, cause and effect, morality
  4. How can I deal with unexpected change?
    • Ten of Pentacles
      • Establishment, success, wealth, family tradition
    • The Empress
      • Fruitfulness, Mother Nature, Creation
  5. How can I grow on this new path?
    • The Star
      • Hope, courage, healing
    • The Moon
      • Fear, dreaming, illusion, possibility, edge of discomfort

Some observations:

All four suits are represented, and they are one for each question, with no conflicts. The Star and the Moon are consecutive in the major arcana.

Now for the specific questions:

  1. I don’t see an immediate connection between the two spreads, although they both do have connections to the subconscious and “alone time.” I am on this new path because of a loss, and I am putting all of my hopes into its potential.
  2. The Chariot being all about duality, appearing for question #2, with the Two of Wands feels fraught with meaning. You only make good progress if you plan for it, at least that’s been my experience. So, its interesting to see that the lessons I should take with me are about moving forward (especially with the chariot being a literal conveyance) and maintaining balance.
  3. The Swords and Justice are both about reason over emotion, using rationality to guide you. So, both of these cards are moving away from the emotions of the Cups in #1 and the intuition of the Wands in #2. Looking for clarity and avoiding bias. It’s also about choices, which may go back to the doubles from the Chariot and the Twos.
  4. Both cards are about family and creation, nurturing abundance. So, maybe deal with change by leaning on those who have supported you, and accepting the security and contributions of past savings.
  5. Like the first one, this one is a little contradictory. But it’s about spiritual growth, as well as letting go. Embrace the uncertainty with hope for the future. Also, we are just past the new moon this month, and the waxing crescent is a time for planting new seeds.

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