Writing Goals

I had grand plans for getting a bunch of words down this morning…

And then the bus was late, so I walked the kids to school. It was beautiful.

And then the dog needed to go out, so I kept walking. It was peaceful.

And then, since I was listening to an audiobook while I walked the dog, I went on listening to it while I checked my email. It was… creepy. #howtosellahauntedhouse #gradyhendrix

And then I ate comfort food because this book was described to me as “cozy horror,” and I thought… I don’t think that’s a thing, but I’ll give it shot… and yeah, I still don’t think it’s a thing. #scarypuppets

And now the real sky is getting darker, and the evil entity possessing the puppet has my son’s name, and I’m definitely going to have to see thing through.


As soon as this is over, and I’ve showered, and turned on all the lights, I’m going to do some writing.

Maybe I’ll channel the darkness into some conflict for my urban fantasy, or draft something creepy for my Vella.

Or maybe I’ll watch a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars and shake it off so I can get back into Cate 2.

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