Progress Check

The new story is about halfway done, and I’m working on a magic personality test to go with it, so you can see what your Gift might be in Queen’s Creek.

The magic of Queen’s Creek is elemental, and the Gifts align with the associated suits of the tarot.

So, witches who draw their power from Fire are guided by the Wands, and their Gifts relate to energy and motivation. They might be able to instill confidence, enhance creativity, or inspire action. Ex: Muses and Sirens.

Witches guided by the Cups draw their energy from Water. Their Gifts are associated with relationships and emotions. They might have strong intuition or enhanced Sight. Ex: Empaths and Precogs.

The suit of Pentacles guides witches who take their energy from the Earth. Their Gifts deal in the physical and finite. They might affect health or manipulate the material world. Ex: Healers and Alchemists.

Witches who draw energy from the Air are guided by the suit of Swords, and their Gifts are associated with intellect and logic. They are rational and good communicators. Ex: Telepaths and Mediums.

Which Gift would you want to have?
Let me know if you have ideas about where other psychic and extra sensory abilities would fall!

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